Autoclave/Pressure Steam Sterilizer, Stainless Steel

Product Code:

• Stainless Steel deep drawn Seamless Construction
• Sturdy, Safe, Rust proof, Portable
• For high pressure steam sterilization of medical materials such as dressings and surgical instruments.
• Max Pressure 15 psi/1.5 bar, Max temp 121 C
• Equipped with steam release/ control valve and high quality heat resistant Bakelite handles
• Lid Sealing by high pressure rubber gasket
• Pressure Gauge with color coding to display sterilization 2 2 zones, graduated in kg/cm and lb/inch
• Equipped with Safety Pressure release weight valve


Code Capacity (Litres)
including Lid
Dia x Height (mm) Dia x Height
Power Source
AU6100 30 350 x 300 14 x 12 Electric220v/50Hz
AU6200 30 350 x 300 14 x 12 Non Electric


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