Autoclave/Pressure Steam Sterilizer, Vertical

Product Code:

• Inner and outer chamber made of heavy gauge stainless steel
• Triple wall with steam jacket
• Jacket is insulated by high grade glass wool to minimise the temperature loss
• Fitted with safety valve, water level indicator, drain valve, pressure release valve
• Pressure adjustable from 15 to 20 psi
• Lid Sealing by high pressure jointless rubber gasket
• Electric 220v/50 Hz

Optional :

• Automatic Low water cut-off
• 0-60 min Mechanical timer
• Digital Temperature indicator
• Dial type analog temperature gauge
• Mechanical timer with alarm system


Model No. Capacity in Litres Chamber Size
Dia x Height (mm)
AU451 35 300 x 500
AU452 52 350 x 550
AU453 75 400 x 600
AU454 175 550 x 750


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