Instrument Tray with Cover, SS

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Item Code Size (Inch) Size (mm)
HW2101 8x3x1.5 200x79x40
HW2102 8x6x2 200x150x50
HW2103 8.85x5x2 225x125x50
HW2104 9x6x2 225x150x50
HW2105 10x8x2 250x200x50
HW2106 11x7x2 275x175x50
HW2107 12x8x2 300x200x50
HW2108 12x10x2 300x250x50
HW2109 14x10x2 350x250x50
HW2110 15x12x2 375x300x50
HW2111 18x12x2 450x300x50
HW2112 8.85×3.28×1.65 222x82x41
HW2113 12.20×7.68×2.50 310x195x63

• Without cover available on request


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